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Make your own recycled paper Valentine token

Show your feelings this year by making your Valentine a (recycled) paper token of your love.

A Valentine project that you can make in less than 10 minutes from newspaper, magazine pages or a page from an old book of romantic poetry found in a charity shop.


You will need

Make a square  this is an addictive activity so you may want to make more than one - the heart will work in a variety of sizes and you can tuck them into each other.


Fold your square into quarters - fold in half and then in half again. If you are using a paper with different sides start with the side you want to show at the end face down on your working surface.

Unfold and fold the bottom edge to the fold in the middle of the square

Turn the paper over

Fold the bottom right hand corner into the centre

Repeat with the left hand corner

Turn the paper over

Fold the straight edges into the centre flat edge lined up to centre fold


Fold the top corners into the centre and gently make a crease by folding the shape in half - point to point 


Tuck the top point into the pocket at the bottom point

Flatten the folded top section to make the central V shape and fold the outside corner into the centre, then fold the top tips down to make a tiny triangle and flatten the shape at the top

Finish with a hole for string and if you want you can tuck a smaller heart inside or an arrow or a message

Happy folding.

Posted: 31 January 2017