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Vintage Bulldog Clip lights

Vintage Bulldog Clip lights

A bulldog clip can do so much more than just hold papers together ….


Registered as a trademark of English company Brandsley in 1944 “bulldog” has become a generic term for metal clips that hold papers together and we find a variety of styles from Scotland, USA and England.

Combined with gorgeous Italian flex available in a variety of colours and patterns this is a light that can illuminate any nook or cranny – all you need is somewhere to clip it.

JaneR-Designs-vintage-bulldog-clip JaneR-Designs-vintage-bulldog-clip 

We use an SBC LED bulb and if you combine it with a dimmer plug you can choose the level of light that’s right for the moment. There's an inline switch and a generous 3m length of flex.

All our lights are made to conform to the standards required by the Electrical Equipment (Safety) Regulations 1994 and are considered as modified electrical equipment. We can supply spare bulbs as required and we can advise on bulb options.    

Posted: 20 January 2017