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Vintage salvage creates stylish lighting with a story to tell

Reusing obsolete items from the backs of sheds has given us a glimpse of the past.

When we started upcycling vintage salvage to make steampunk style lights we had no idea how much we would learn about our recent past and the way people used to live in the last century.

Our lights illuminate the way people used to live before every house had digital devices plugged in with the possibility of global communications at their fingertips and the ability to photograph every aspect of daily life.

With the change in camera tecnology the stylish cameras of last century are now rarely used and digital is the modern way of capturing images. We admire the design of 35mm and box cameras and pair them with a vintage tripod and a classic fan flash which now holds an LED bulb. The cameras have a sense of style and history and with their new light function can earn a place in this century's modern homes. The extending legs of the tripod enables the light to stand at various heights. 

JANER Designs vintage camera light

Wooden doors and windows needed regular maintenance and most houses would have a blowtorch in their toolbox. Powered by paraffin, now relegated to the shed or the very back of a cupboard, vintage blowtorches are one of our regular finds and make great sidelights especially when partnered with a vintage filament tailwhip bulb.

Vintage blowtorch steampunk style sidelight JANER Designs vintage steampunk style blowtorch lightJANER Designs vintage steampunk style blowtorch light

At the beginning of the 20th century only 10% of homes had electricity. In the 1920s the company W.H. Tilley began to make lamps for domestic use and for use on the railways. Tilley became a generic term for paraffin lamps in many parts of the world. The company is still around today and making their famous storm lamps. We find vintage Tilleys in various states of disrepair and give them the chance of a second life by converting them to electricity.

JANER DEsigns vintage Tilley lamp

Binoculars and brass candlesticks are a powerful partnership, LED bulbs in the lenses of the binoculars create a light you can read by, giving you a whole new experience of candlelight.

Vintage binoculars light

One of our favourite finds is vintage butter churns; the story goes that it takes two hundred turns of the handle to turn cream into butter, which was a childhood chore, done after school in the early part of the 20th century.

JANER DEsigns vintage butter churn light

If you'd like to see more of what we do, check out our online shop by clicking here and visit our Facebook page for our very latest creations - everything we do is unique and individual and each light is a one-off. If you would like to see our creations our visit us page has details of when our studio is open and the events we are attending.

Posted: 20 November 2016